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Lock-Down Dairies – 15 May 20 : Hubby’s Birthday, My Warli art lockdown project, flights arriving from various countries

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Made a Lockdown cake for hubby’s Birthday today. I am not much of a cake Baker but do bake a basic cake once in a while. I don’t have an oven too, though I do have a plan of setting up a proper oven and grill. However, this setup will greatly reduce the space in the kitchen. So, whenever I feel like making a cake I do it in the crudest oven that is possible :). I take the biggest Aluminium vessel I have and pour some sand in it. I then place a wire rack on the sand. I pre-heat the vessel for a while. The container with the cake batter is placed on this rack.

I had some chocolates , so melted them ,added more powdered sugar and some home made butter and spread this on the cake. I should have added little more of baking soda. Otherwise the cake was tasty.

One of my Lockdown projects was to draw some warli art. I will be resuming work from Monday 18 May 20 and was unable to draw. I finally decided to start drawing this evening.I feel like a school kid doing the homework just a few days before the vacation gets completed :). Here is the work in progress-

Work in progress – Warli

Finally the flights have started arriving from various countries bringing in Indians who were held up due to the Lockdown. Know a couple of people who are put up in the hotels in the city for 14 days self isolation.

Heard they had a tough time during the whole journey. All said and done ,how much ever one has travelled all over the world,home is the sweetest place on the Earth 🙂

Take Care !!

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