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Lock-Down Dairies – 11 May 20 : Haircut for hubby using a trimmer, Mamidikaaya orugulu , Kalchatti seasoning

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Everyone these days is talking about a haircut. Desperately looking at the alternatives. While some are feeling awkward to display their crowning glory, some are showing it off on social media 🙂 . Lots of cartoons too on social media and celebrities giving haircuts to their celebrity husband’s .

One day hubby asked me if can trim his hair. I said why not and held the trimmer for the first time. This happened 2 days ago. After learning how to use it ,I was eager to start trimming. I used a comb to help in the process. I enjoyed the process .Hubby was happy and beaming with the outcome 🙂 . Must have been a great relief. He need not take the risk of going to a barber if and when the saloons are opened. By then he would be sporting braids I guess 🙂

I selected a few mangoes from the lot that we plucked from our neighbours Mango tree to prepare ‘ Mamidikaaya orugulu’. Washed ,peeled and sliced the raw Mangoes and placed them in plates for drying. This is the best way to store Mangoes and can be used throughout the year in various recipes. Fresh amchur made at home 🙂

I got my first Soapstone vessel almost a year ago. I was not aware that before using it the vessel has to be seasoned. I quickly looked up on youtube and found a fe videos. The process was too long and confusing.O just put away the vessel and forgot about it. I rediscovered it at the back of the lowest shelf in the kitchen during the lockdown and decided to complete the task of seasoning during the lockdown. Finally, i started the process last week.

I am making a video on this whole process and will upload it on my youtube channel. Once completed I will share the link here.

This is how it looks when we buy it
Soapstone vessel after 5 days of seasoning

It looks white before seasoning and becomes blackish during the process.

Sprayed Epsom salt mixed in water on my Money plant and few other plants. Got to see how these plants react. This is the first time I am using Epsom salt for plants. Supposed to be an organic way of growing plants. I am excited to see the difference in a few days.

Take care and stay safe !!

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