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Father’s Day : My Dad , My inspiration

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Without a Dad, there is no Birth.

This Father’s day , I would like to share an important role that my Dad has played in my Rebirth too.

Five years ago, I was living in denial and was devastated when I was getting hints from many angles that I was diagnosed with Cancer. No one in my family spoke about it openly and neither did I have the courage to ask directly nor did I dare to see my reports.

I knew that Mom was unaware of my condition. Dad had told her that it was a condition that can be treated. That I will be getting the best treatment which is called Stem Cell Transplant. He bore all the pain himself , unable to share with Mom , not knowing whether she would be able to accept the situation. Poor Dad.

I was in a confused state.

I told myself that I should not cry , that I should appear very normal and not talk about it. I went to work . But I was walking around like a dead person. Everyone in my family , hubby, siblings appeared very normal and made me feel very comfortable.

One of those days , before my Transplant,  I broke down in front of my Dad. I didn’t dare to do that in my Mom’s presence.

The Golden words that Dad spoke to me at that time were ‘Everyone experiences health issues in their life time. We have to face it. The medical field is coming up with new drugs very frequently. Nothing to worry ‘.

Dad underwent Coronary Bypass surgery twice. He continues to lead a very active life and has a lot of confidence on the Medical treatments and new medications that are being churned out periodically. He says this from his own experience during the last 17 years. The whole process was better and he got healed much faster after the second Bypass Surgery compared to the first time.

Those words inspired me and there is no looking back. My tears had dried and never ever did I shed a tear again.

My Dad is my biggest inspiration. Having seen the way he dealt with his own health issues I am able to go ahead with a lot of hope and courage.

We went ahead with the Stem Cell Transplant . He stood like a Rock , monitoring my progress and coordinated with all agencies like hospital staff, donors etc. My Oncologist too was surprised by the amount of care and support that he took all the while. Dad would accompany me and hubby when we went for the post transplant consultations too.

Finally, he is confident that his daughter is now strong 🙂

Thank you Dad for showing me the way. Those few words were so precious.

Love you Dad.

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