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A Brave Yoddha , No more in our Midst

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Rahul, the Bravest warrior against Cancer I have ever known, is no more in our midst πŸ™

He founded to bring all fighters to a common forum so all can share their wins , problems and solutions.

It was my Dad who first saw an article in The Hindu newspaper about founded by Rahul. Dad told me to take a look at the article.

Rahul had declared that he was preparing to get a Stem Cell Transplant with Stem Cells from a Donor . The treatment was very expensive and he was seeking donations too.

Found his contact number on the website and immediately called him to learn further details . I heard a very strong and confident voice which gave me a lot of strength and courage to fight my own war.

Very soon he started a Whatsapp group and added many MM patients and their caregivers to the group. Dr Ram Ganjoo , Oncologist is also part of the group and is always available on the forum , eager to help and is very supportive.

It was in this forum that I expressed my conviction about Circumin and its potency in killing Cancer cells . Dr Gayatri , also in the whatsapp group ,who successfully conquered MM heard me and directed me to meet Dr Nitin, Β an Ayurvedic Doctor from Mumbai who had prescribed Curcumin and other herbal medications to her . She is perfectly normal since several years. My conviction about Circumin doubled.

I must say that it is through Rahul , albeit indirectly, that I found a solution. I always felt that he lived for others more than for himself.

Deeply saddened on Rahul’s demise πŸ™







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