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Bye Bye ,2016 !!

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Time to say goodbye to 2016.

It’s been exactly five years since I underwent an Autologous Stem Cell Transplant  !!

5 years ago , I had welcomed the New year along with all the wonderful nurses at the Nursing station in the highly sterile and isolated BMT Ward.

Never felt this energetic in all my life !! 2016 has also been an eventful year.

Was able to visit my grannys village two times this year. Love to spend a few days there , each year, away from the chaos of the city.

It was wonderful planning and going on a vacation,  with family, to Dubai.

Met a lot of classmates from my school this year . Thanks to the Internet, it was possible to get in touch with many of my classmates. There were several meetups throughout the year. The first Alumni meet of our school was  held recently . It was a memorable day. Met many of my teachers and Principal too.

Enjoyed my work throughout the year.Had the opportunity to explore new technologies and domains like Internet Of Things, IIOT ,Geofencing , BLE Beacons  etc

My Hubby and son had been very patient with me :). Feels good to be able to relate to my son as a friend. We are more like friends these days.

Read two inspirational books which definitely had an impact on me.

Finally started going for a walk and I am enjoying it too.Something that I had always wished but never could. I always had some ready excuse. But now I feel energetic and I am enjoying the walks after work.

My Plasma cells are under control and doing their job well.Gave them a strict warning , not to misbehave :). The Curcuminoids and other herbs are doing a good job in putting a check on my cells.

Was able to guide and counsel a few cancer patients and caretakers on how to deal with the situation. Hope to share my experience with many other patients to overcome and fight the condition by using a combination of Allopathy, Ayurveda.

Thank you , Life , for giving me a second chance !!

One resolution that I would like to make is , to read a lot of books  🙂

Author: Lifeisbeautiful the process of discovering my SELF. Enjoying the beautiful journey within, while I am on my way to experience an unknown Dimension.

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