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Turmeric infused drinks , Milk shakes and coffee’s !!

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Came across this article on Turmeric. My eyes and ears open wide ,whenever I come across any writeup on Turmeric. I am obsessed with Turmeric. Why not !!?  When its healing properties are being acknowledged all over the world ! And when my life is dependent on Turmeric , the Golden Spice !!



Turmeric Latte ,

Turmeric Almond Milk ,

Turmeric Smoothie ,

Turmeric Tea  , Turmeric Lemonade  etc !!

Good to know that Turmeric is slowly penetrating the food industry in a different avatar.These kind of drinks will appeal to urban folks who enjoy milk shakes and varieties of coffee’s.

The benefits from consuming Turmeric are many.The antioxidant properties of curcuminoids present in Turmeric, help in preventing almost all chronic illnesses like Arthritis , Alzeimers, Diabetes, Cancer etc

Hopefully more and more people will start incorporating more turmeric in their diet and thereby eradicate these illnesses from the world.

There are lots n lots of recipes on the Internet . Check them out !!


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