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Time to get a BMA done.

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Went for my Bone Marrow test yesterday. Got admitted to the hospital at 10am.
It’s been 6 months since I had the last test done. My ‘M Spike’ was zero in the last test. During the third month of the last 6 months I was beginning to experience a lot of problems. Diarrhoea, cold and cough , asthma attack , eye infection . I talked to my Oncologist and he noticed that my WBC count was going lower each month during the last few months . We noticed that too.
So my Oncologist decided to stop Lenangio for one month. Each month for the next 3 months my blood counts were monitored while Lenangio was stopped . All the counts have since then improved . I have been continuing all Ayurvedic medications given by Dr Nitin including Curcumin all the while. I would have been worried about stopping Lenangio if I was not using Ayurvedic medications.

The Bone Marrow Aspiration procedure is carried out by my Oncologist himself.
During the last test I was given a stronger local anasthesia after I was informed.But it made me feel drowsy and sick for 24 hours which I didn’t like. So this time I told my Oncologist about the previous symptoms and requested if they can do away with that and he obliged.
The Aspiration was completed within no time. Took just 5 minutes . While preparing the slides with the bone marrow sample the doc commented that the cells look good. I usually ask questions and I asked how could he say that and he lifted the slide up so I can see , I was still lying on the bed, and showed me the cells and says that they look good . All I could see was a very light beige coloured patch on the slide that appeared neat.
My blood samples were also collected for CBC LFT and RFT tests.
This time I was administered Zobone injection after the bone marrow aspiration was done. The injection was given through IV. When I asked my Ocologist about it he said that it strengthens the bone and can be taken once year. Said that the injection is also administered to others with other bone issues too.

My blood work results were also completed by the time the discharge process was completed.
My Hb is 10.3 , better than the previous month as I restarted Iron supplement.
TLC is normal. Creatine is .9 for the first time in last 4.5 years which is good. My Uric acid level is just above the normal . This seems to be a perennial issue due to high cell turnover. Working on it.
Best part is that my Globulin level is within normal range for the first time … too good.

We left the hospital at 4.30pm.

Looking forward to see the results of the Bone Marrow test which will be out in a weeks time.

~Sarve janaha sukhino bhavanthu~

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