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I met Dr Gayatri from Delhi on a whatsapp group started by Mr Rahul of

This group is for all cancer patients and their care givers.

One day in Apr 2015 I shared my experience with  turmeric in the forum.(details of the experience are in another post) . That was when Dr Gayatri mentioned that she too had used Curcumin prescribed by Dr Nitin , an Ayurvedic Doctor from Mumbai. We spoke over phone and she suggested that I get in touch with him on phone. Her voice was strong and energetic. Her story was very inspiring. She was detected with MM more than a decade ago and is now free from any type of medication since last few years after a lot if struggle that included two Stem cell Transplants and several surgeries.

I then spoke to Dr Nitin.
I have been using Ayurvedic medications prescribed by him, including curcumin , since then.

Before I met Dr Nitin I didn’t know where I could get Curcumin in India. I was using Haridra from Himalaya which is Turmeric and not Curcumin.

Thanks to Dr Gayatri for introducing Dr Nitin to me.

I have been doing quite well since then.
I would ask her a few doubts now and then and very patiently she would answer and guide me.

At times I would have certain doubts regarding ayurvedic medication and she patiently answered my questions. She also gave me the confidence and comfort to talk to Dr Nitin without any hesitation.

I met Dr Gayatri recently in Hyderabad. It was nice interacting with Dr Gayatri and her husband. I feel much more energetic after the interaction. The strength and poise in Dr Gayatri is amazing. She is deeply spiritual and her words are soothing and encouraging.
Thank you very much Ma’am.

She has been counselling a lot of patients for the last few years.

May God bless the couple.
Thank you Dr Nitin.


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