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Pesara Ponganalu – Moong Dal fritters using nonstick Ponganalu pan

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When it rains or when the weather is cold , most Indians immediately think of hot samosas or bajjis . These foods are deep fried in oil. All health freaks are aware that deep fried foods are best avoided. But what do we do when we have cravings for such foods.
Is there is a solution? Yes there is. Our ancestors had always known that deep fried foods are unhealthy and hence invented this device called ‘paniyaram’.

We dont see these anywhere in the cities, but we do get similar nonstick pans in various stores and supermarkets.

These pans are a boon. One can eat a variety of ‘bajjis’ with no guilt involved.
Batter is prepared the usual way .We can use left over dosa batter , idli batter or pesarattu batter. To this, add chopped onions, green chillies, cumin seeds, chopped ginger and coriander leaves.Add salt to taste. Add a little baking soda .Mix well. This will help in making soft bajjis.

One or two drops of oil in each of those ‘guntas’ are sufficient to make these yummy little bajjis. Pour sufficient batter into each of the guntas till the batter doesn’t overflow. Close the pan with a lid . When the ponganalu turns golden turn them over with a spoon and close the lid again. These fritters will be ready in another 3 or 4 mins.

Enjoy with tomato sauce or any kind of chutney or pickle. They can be eaten without chutney too .

I can eat these every day and not get bored 😀

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