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Living with Multiple Myeloma since 4 years

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It’s been exactly 4 years since the stem cells in my bone marrow started producing fresh and healthy white blood cells and other cells in the blood , while I was undergoing ‘Stem Cell Transplant’

In the BMT ward , each morning the nurse would take a blood sample to check my blood counts.
All of us were eagerly looking forward to the day when my stem cells would start creating various cells in the blood. The blood test on 1 Jan 2012 revealed the first few white blood cells .
A rebirth for me !

Am here now writing this after 4 years of that event. I am just 4 yrs old now 😉

A lot has happened since then.
There was a relapse in Dec 2014.
But thanks to Ayurvedic medication, I am now free of MM .

I am grateful to Lord Dhanvantari , the father of Ayurveda , who I met in the form of my Ayurvedic doctor.

Yes ‘Hope is Real’ .This was the slogan at Apollo Cancer Hospital in Hyderabad.
I could never comprehend the meaning when I was doing rounds for my check ups .
Those days I was sure this was a fatal disease. I was in a denial mode for two years, in a state of shock and moving around like dead.
But one day I had the courage to type the word ‘cancer’ on the keyboard. To look for information.
Spent a lot of time researching on cure for cancers. Didn’t believe what people wrote  and said on youtube about getting cured.
But I did a U Turn when I relapsed.
I told myself that I have to believe what was being said . That’s when I began to search further and dig deeper for information.
I zeroed in on ayurvedic methods and here I am, free of the disease for the last one year and confident that I will be free forever.

I had the hope and now strongly believe that ‘Hope is indeed Real’ .Hope can do wonders. Hope will show a way. Hope heals and Hope is the cure.

Author: Lifeisbeautiful the process of discovering my SELF. Enjoying the beautiful journey within, while I am on my way to experience an unknown Dimension.

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