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Feeling Alive

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Finally , I feel ALIVE .
After almost 3 and half years , I actually feel I am alive and kicking.
Its been 3.5 yrs since my diagnosis and I had been walking around like a dead person carrying out daily chores, going to work , going for checkups , doing my best for my son.
I shunned going to parties, family functions, shopping , movies .
The recent results of my Bone marrow test changed it all. Currently my M Spike is zero and Plasma cells are less than 1%. My Oncologist very happily shared the good news with us.
I suddenly began to feel light ,  everything around seems much brighter. i now feel like going to parties and weddings and other public events.
Attended a couple of events this week and i noticed the calm and peace within. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting and watching other beautifully dressed people.
I now feel like shopping for nice clothes and jewellery 🙂

There is a confident person inside of me now.

Author: Lifeisbeautiful the process of discovering my SELF. Enjoying the beautiful journey within, while I am on my way to experience an unknown Dimension.

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