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Groceries haul from Bigbasket this morning

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Veggies are neatly packed in plastic pouches or wrapped in plastic paper.


Quality of the veggies is very good. Would be expensive compared to the prices at the local market but the convenience is what matters.

I love to buy groceries at shanties or farmers markets or rythu bazaars . I like to walk around and look for rare veggies , to check out which vendor has the best quality of each vegetable, but there are occasions when I have to avoid the dusty environment at such places.
This is when BB comes to my rescue.
There was a time not very long ago when I would go to the supermarket almost every alternate day, the driver gets some goods which are required urgently, sometimes hubby has to get groceries and my son too goes once on a while.
Now all of us can relax . The three of us take turns and check the items on the BB website and place the order.
The goods are delivered at a time that is convenient to us.
Once the goods are received , we check the quality and if  unsatisfied the packet can be returned and the balance amount is paid.

Thanks Bigbasket, for making my life easier.

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