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‘Swachch Bharath ‘ @BHEL by IT employees

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The employees of IT department


have been actively involving themselves in cleaning up the surrounding areas of IT buildings.



Every saturday at1.30pm onwards for  an hour has been dedicated for this activity.This is the 3rd Saturday and we are still going strong.

Some who were hesitant to get involved in the previous week are now comfortable and participated eagerly 🙂

The housekeeping and gardening staff are beaming 🙂
Good for us too . All of them making very good use of the opportunity . As you can see from the pics , this activity does a whole lot of good to the tummy by melting away tummy fat 🙂

The fun activity relaxes the mind .Our skin also gets to manufacture some Vit D by getting exposed to the sun.

A great initiative by NaMo.

Surely , this initiative will have a great impact on each one of us in terms of appreciating and inculcating cleanliness at home ,the surroundings and in the kids.Not that it doesn’t exist now but the slogan ‘Swachch Bharat’ in itself gives a lot of pride to every Indian.


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