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New Planters for the plants on my Balcony

It is Spring season here in India at this time of the year. It is so tempting to buy flowering plants ,especially when you pass by ‘plant nurseries’ which are brimming with a variety of them.

I had bought some flowering plants which were sold in plastic pouches. These are seasonal flowers and flower for 2-3 months during the year.

The plastic pouches are black in colour and have a dull look ,hence i wanted to place them in beautiful Planters.

I was browsing the net for ‘Pots and Planters’ that could be ordered online. Came across several websites selling varieties of Planters in plastic, ceramic and metal .

I had ordered a few from . They have a fabulous collection .

The Planters have arrived and here they are 🙂


Aren’t they are lovely ?!

Once these plants stop flowering , i hope to replace them with other seasonal flowers.

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Petunias on our balcony .

This is the season of flowers.
Plant nurseries in the city are brimming with Marigolds, Chrysanthemum , Petunia , Dahlia and Hibiscus of various colours.
Petunia is my favourite. These plants hardly require any maintenance.

I bought these a month ago and they have been flowering ever since.


These bright and beautiful flowers welcome me home every day when I get back from work.

I placed them on the balcony sill where the plants get good sunshine.


These plants do not attract any pests/disease which is the biggest plus point.

I love plants and gardening but I hate pests 🙂