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30 Dec 2011

While in the BMT room, after I was given the medication to kill all my blood cells , on 24 Dec 2011, I was parallely given blood and platelets through IV after two days.

My dad and hubby were busy arranging for blood and platelets. No visitors were permitted to meet me.They would wait all day outside the BMT Main door . All they saw was that a plate full of food went inside, and almost all of it came out.

My mouth was beginning to get dry and sore, and I had no appetite to eat. A lot of good food was being sent, but there was no way I could eat. I was given an ointment to apply inside my mouth before eating. In spite of the ointment I was unable to eat.

Each day, several doctors would see me ,check a few reports, and ask me how I felt and left.

My feet were beginning to get numb, and I found it very difficult to sleep because of a tingling sensation. I would request the nurse to massage my feet as it felt better and was able to sleep for a while.

All these symptoms were because of the medication. I was not aware that I would have these symptoms. I found it strange when duty doctors would ask about these symptoms much before I actually started experiencing them.

Every morning, at around 6am, a blood sample was taken ,to check my blood counts.

I was told that the blood counts would gradually decrease and become zero in a week. Later the counts would increase.

I was a bit worried ,what if the counts do not increase even after a week? After observing my reports for a few days ,my oncologist told me that my counts may take a little longer time.

I used to pray most of the time. I would watch spiritual channels on the TV. I also watched a few TV serials at specific times.

Everyday routine would be the same.

…to be cont’d

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