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My video on Farmizen , Bottle gourd halwa , easy Sankranti muggu/kolam

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I have been a customer of Farmizen since 4 years. That’s definitely a loyal customer isn’t it 😀. Farmizen delivers fresh organic veggies every week ,directly from the farm.

So,I thought it’s time to share my experiences with Farmizen and also explain the Farmizen model vs the traditional retail model.

Here is the link to the video –

Mom sent a nice tender bottle gourd from her garden. It was so tender that there was no need to peel the skin nor remove the core of the gourd. I grated the whole gourd as it is and made halwa using jaggery and milk. The result was yummy but I wish I had cooked the grated pieces for some more time before I added the milk

Spoke to  mom and gave her the feedback. Mom tells me that rice powder can also be used to replace milk. Will try this recipe next time. Milk or rice powder helps in thickening the dish.

Here is the final result –

Bottle gourd is a healthy vegetable and can be consumed by anyone irrespective of their health condition. Prefer to buy a tender one and after cleaning it well use the skin too for cooking. Do not peel the skin as it contains several vitamins and minerals and fiber too. So, include it in your diet.

In South India , most homes draw Muggu/kolam in front of the Main gate or Main door of their homes. There are several dimensions as to why these are drawn. One basic requirement before drawing a muggu/kolam is that the area should be cleaned well. Muggu/kolam designs vary from simple to complex, small to big , with or without dots. images of birds, flowers ,animals and other geometric patterns are drawn using a powder made of limestone mixed with rice powder. We don’t get limestone these days, and hence stone powder is used.

I will write another detailed post on muggu/kolam some other day.

The month of December is special for drawing muggu/kolam using lines and no dots. Here is a small muggu/kolam that I drew yesterday using a plus symbol as the template..

It feels good when the entrance to the home has a nice and neat muggu/kolam. The time spent on drawing is like meditation.

That’s all for now folks .

Take care and stay safe !!

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