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…Contd….Third day into my Sore Throat episode

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Last night I took nebulisation as I was feeling some tightness in my chest. I know it is because my lungs are yet to expel the phlegm that has formed and the congestion is what makes me breathless. This is the main issue that all with Bronchitis experience.

Slept well last night.

Today is the third day after my Sore throat began. I woke up at 5 am feeling quite normal .

However, to recover completely, the phlegm that has accumulated in the lungs has to be expelled. After 2 hours of waking up , I started coughing up the phlegm and this gave me a lot of relief. This phlegm has to be spat out and should not be swallowed.

After brushing up , I took 2 teaspoons of the herbal cough syrup. This syrup is specially for Bronchitis and the ingredients are all natural herbs.

After a while, I took Mishran powder mixed in water. Both the Cough syrup and Mishran powder are prescribed by my Ayurveda Doctor.

I made lunch and breakfast for hubby with support from hubby in the kitchen….for cutting up the veggies etc.

Hubby went off to work and I had a nice bowl of papaya.

Took a shower after two days and did my puja. Thanked the Almighty for recovering quickly. Thanked and blessed my Ayurveda Doctor for being there for me whenever I needed his advise. Thankful to my family members for taking care of me and bearing with my tantrums during the last two days.

Made myself some kichdi for lunch and enjoyed a hot bowl.

Came across kili Paul’s bollywood songs and spent some time enjoying their videos. Found him very expressive while singing ,I mean lip syncing,.

Spent the afternoon planning for dinner. Started preparations for making Karela fry and Brinjal dal for dinner.

Also soaked Urad Dal and rice to prepare Dosa batter for tomorrow’s breakfast. This has to soak for a minimum of 5-6 hours before we grind them in a mixer-grinder. This is my Son’s duty 🙂

This evening I received my online order for a plant. Was glad that the stems were intact and actually started growing some shoots. Went to my garden after two days and immediately planted these stems in a container. Yet to learn the name of this plant ,but it has nice big yellow flowers. Will update on this plant later.

Here is a short video while planning the stems

Took nebulisation and started cooking at 6pm and was done by 8pm. Took lot of breaks in between…watched a karela recipe fry on YouTube and prepared accordingly.

Karela is one vegetable which can be relished only if prepared meticulously and takes a lot of time. I wanted to prepare chicken curry for Hubby and Son but my son insisted I should take some rest. Chicken curry would have been easier and faster 🙂

Had dinner by 8pm.

Will take another round of Cough syrup and Mishran powder before I hit the pillow.

So glad I feel almost normal now.

~ Sarvesham Svasthir Bhavathu ~

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