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Hold on my Retirement

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I was due for retirement on 30 Nov 20 ie yesterday, however due to some unforeseen circumstances , my retirement was put on hold by HR a couple of days ago.

I am feeling upset and frustrated right now.

Everything was going well. I bought gifts for all my colleagues and was busy shopping and packing the gifts all of last week. As a customary ritual , all my colleagues collected and gifted me some money , with which I had bought a gift for myself. This gift would be given to me on the day of the official farewell. Preparations were on by all colleagues for hosting the event yesterday.

I had completed all the formalities and forms to be filled wrt the pension, my PF , Medical benefits etc.

Was busy all of November handing over all my activities to another colleague. Cleared all my drawers and closets which had files from my initial days in this company. Lots of memories were revived during this cleanup. Photos surfaced from everywhere. Segregated all my files on the computer and copied them to a central system , so they can be referred to when required.

Dont really know how long it is going to take for me to get relieved.

Yet to receive a new Office order for my role in the company till I actually get relieved. Discussions are on as to what should be my portfolio till the retirement. Should I continue doing my existing duties or just stick around and attend office as and when I wish and use my leaves.


in a confused state….

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