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Lock-Down Dairies – 31 May 20 : pre-monsoon showers, Mending my broken plants

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In india, monsoons are awaited with excitement every year.

They have arrived in Kerala and will reach our city by the first week of June. However, we had the pre-monsoon showers this afternoon.

The temperature in Hyderabad was the highest last week and I was enjoying the cool breeze and watching the showers sitting in my balcony.

A couple of weeks ago we had a milder shower and I noticed that my cluster beans plants which were almost 3 feet in height ,had bent and touched the ground. I then shook the plants to remove all the excess water that stayed on the leaves and tied them to sticks. They got back to normalcy in a day.

This afternoon, I did watch the plants from my balcony and noticed they were bent. Very soon the downpour became severe and I missed the plants. The plants had grown much taller and stronger after I had tied them to sticks last time . But due to the heavy rain this afternoon , the plants broke just above the place where I had tied them to the sticks.

I almost cried seeing them :((. I immediately thought of all the farmers who solely depend on farming. The plight of farmers during such unforseen circumstances.

Hubby dear ,seeing my sadness , immediately searched the internet for remedies. He found a write-up where it was suggested to put a tape to the broken stem.

We immediately mended the plant. Hopefully they recover well.

They had grown to be strong, tall and healthy ,and had started flowering too. I was hoping for a good harvest.

~Wishing well for all the crops ~

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