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Lock-Down Dairies – 23 May 20 : Full day at work , New Boss at work

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After almost 50 days of WFH , we started going to work on 5 hours shifts. Very soon after a few days we were told to work for normal hours , which is 8.5 hours for us.

Feeling very tired since two days. Have to cook/pack breakfast in the morning. Yet to get accustomed to the new routine. During the Pre-Lockdown days , I had a cook , but with this virus thing I decided to stop the cook. Yet to call the cook back to work which may not happen in the near future.

I have to be strong.

We now have a new boss at work as the earlier boss has retired. The introductory session took place today.

Got late at work and crashed early as I was very tired.

Our neighbours mangoes have ripened under the jute bag. I had one big juicy Mango as my dinner and slept early.

~Take Care folks!!~

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