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Lockdown Dairies 18 Apr 20

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I didn’t realise that I haven’t posted since 1 Jan 20 !! Have been totally preoccupied with following the virus.

Will give a brief as to what has been happening in my life since 1 Jan 20.

I was following the virus from the time it was first reported in Wuhan and I guess I was just carried away by all the happenings since then.

The virus moved to Italy, France, Spain, UK, USA and then to India from those who travelled from these countries to India.

I was planning my move as to how I should manage during this period and had decided to stop going to work one week before our Prime Minister declared a country wide lockdown.

It was time to start planning to stock up on groceries, medicines , sanitizer, masks etc. I did manage to buy some of this stuff but there was actually no need to to buy a lot of groceries as everything was available very soon. There were some initial hiccups because all the trucks carrying veggies and other food were stopped from entering into the cities.

For a few days I was a bit bored at home but very soon got too busy to even think of boredom 🙂 .

Life has been very hectic since then with all the Work From Home, Work For Home along with the family, catching up with friends and spending some alone time , six days a week.

Will do my best to post everyday :).

Sarveshaam svastir bhavathu !!

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