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Gratitude journal 13 June 2019

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Grateful for being back at work after suffering a bout of cough/cold.

Extremely grateful to my Ayurveda Doctor without whom I wouldn’t be posting on this blog.

Grateful that my Driver is very regular and rarely takes leave. He has been with us for the last seven years and we never had any issue with him.God bless him and his family. He rarely refuses to come on a Sunday or a Holiday if we need him. Thank to him , I can peacefully sleep and be confident that he will turn up in the morning and take me to work and back. I don’t have to worry about booking a cab. He always informs me in advance if he wants to take a day off. I pay him more than the other Drivers only for the reason that he is very honest and dependable. He also helps us in little chores around the house. Nice to see him get married and have kids during his stint with us.

So glad to have colleagues at work who are fun to be with. We learn a lot from the chat sessions we all share. We spend half our waking lives together . So thankful for their company.

It’s Summer here. Grateful to Mother nature for giving us delicious fruits like Mangoes, jack-fruit, ice apple in Summer . Been enjoying lots of these this season.

~ Sarve janaha Sukhino Bhavanthu ~

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