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My Blog Name : Devil or Angel

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If you wanted to know why I choose this crazy sounding name for my Blog , read on….Choosing the name of a Blog is tough.

A question crops up in my mind very often. Am I an Angel or a Devil or somewhere in between. There are folks who think I am a nice person and there are those who know my darker side and may not think good about me. I also appear very stern/rigid to a lot of people :). Hence , I often introspect and this question is the foremost one that frequently pops up in my head. I ask myself what is it that I am doing right and what is it about me that is not right . At times I am devilish , at times I am like a child and there are situations where I go by instinct , good and bad . And so , when I planned on starting a blog and had to decide on a name , this is what popped up immediately. I said to myself , why not !!? I felt that the Blog name should reflect my core personality and feelings.

The purpose of this Blog is to share my experiences while I battle Multiple Myeloma . I have always felt that my innate nature is responsible for my present condition. That I had not prioritised , I was not assertive, taken wrong decisions , was impulsive etc etc. So , that is how the name of my blog emerged.

Devil or Angel

This name reminds me to introspect more often . All of us think we are doing the best , that we are always right. But each one has to put themselves in the others shoes and understand why someone behaves in a particular way and observe how we are reacting . We also have to understand how our behavior is affecting others behavior towards us..

It is highly recommended that we list the Devilish stuff that we are made up of and also the good Angelic stuff .

I have a list of my own wrong stuff which I am aware and I have successfully eliminated most of it.

I am also aware of the nicer part of me.

This name keeps a check on me 🙂

As I continue to ponder on the nature of the mind , the conscious part , the subconscious part and the pure Consciousness , the cobwebs slowly get cleared. It is a highly liberating experience when we Let Go and realize that all of us were born innocent and got transformed due to various external factors. However , we have to put efforts to unload all the unnecessary baggage, called EGO, that we carry around and put all efforts to give back to humanity and nature so as to make the world a better place.

Not to forget that we are here for a purpose and at the end of the day we have to find that purpose for which we are brought into this world.

I hope to be less Devilish and more Angelic . It is a Work-in-Progress 🙂





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