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My Sketches !!

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Sketching is one of my favorite hobbies.

I always loved drawing. The earliest memories of me drawing were from my high school days when I used to enjoy drawing during the science classes. I loved drawing physics and chemistry experiments and labeling various parts.I also enjoyed drawing microcellular organisms and various systems in the human body … Respiratory system, digestive system etc.

We also had a very good drawing teacher at school who sometimes took us to the garden in the school and made us draw trees and flowering plants by sitting in front of them.

After school and during college I didn’t have the time to do much sketching.

Once in a while, I have this urge do a  sketch. Here are some of my recent sketches.
Sketching is like Meditation. I never get up without completing the sketch. All the while my mind is focussed on the drawing and it feels as though time stands still and all that exists is me and my sketch. I usually like to redraw an existing sketch rather than draw from my imagination or from a real scene.

I am still a novice. A steady practice is required to be able to do a freehand drawing 🙂




A woman from rural India



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