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Increase in Globulin Serum…an Ayurvedic Decoction to put a check on it.

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Its been 6 months since i stopped using Lenangio on the advise of my Oncologist. What a relief that was. Something that i prayed for and was longing for . My Gobulin Serum was normal and MSpike was zero at that time but TLC, Neutrophils were very low and i was beginning to get all infections.

For three months , after stopping Lenangio , my Globulin Serum was in the normal range but for the last three months it has been increasing by .1 every month.

Recently , met my Oncologist with my CBC, LFT and RFT reports and as expected he wanted to start Thalix 50mg. I had this apprehension even before i met my Oncologist. I mentioned the same to my Ayurvedic doctor before i met my Oncologist. My Ayurvedic doctor wanted me to request and take one month time from my Oncologist. He would be giving me another medication which will control those villains in my body.

I expressed the same to my Oncologist and got an extension for one more month. I also told him that my Ayurvedic doctor wanted one month time.

I told my Ayurvedic doctor that i am ready to do anything for stopping Thalix . I also told him that i am ready to go on a fast twice a week. He has now sent me two new medications. One of them to be taken in the form of a decoction.

Keeping my fingers crossed as i have begun the daily ritual of preparing a decoction, from a powder which is a combination several herbs, and consume it before sleeping. The liquid is very very bitter and i have something sweet immediately after gulping the liquid. My ayurvedic doctor tells me that the best way to consume an ayurvedic medication is in the form of a decocotion. Though i would love to pop a pill or capsule any day.

Meanwhile i also came across a lady who is 73 years now and was diagnosed with MM when she was 50yrs. I was curious to know of any tips that she was following and learnt that she meditates a lot.

I have resumed meditation. Have also started going a bit slow at work . I  observed that i was getting anxious at home and work. Am now conscious of the speed and intensity of my thoughts.

I am sure that my next results will reflect lower Levels of Globulin serum and i will surprise my Oncologist 🙂 .




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