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Break from Lenolidamide for one month

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Went for my monthly checkup along with CBP, LFT and RFT reports.
My observations on the results were:
TLC count is going down further. Has been going down every month for the last few months. Bad.
Globulin has increased from 4.0 to 4.2 . Whereas it has been consistently decreasing for the last few months.Bad.
Hb has improved from 9.5 to 10 , as I have started taking iron supplement last month.  I am also assuming that the immunity boosting medicine given by my ayurvedic doctor has begun working ☺. Good.
My creatinine level is normal.Good.
ESR continues to be on the higher side .Bad.

On seeing the reports my Oncologist commented on the low TLC . Was happy about Hb and creatinine. Was concerned that Neutrophils were also reducing.

He then looked up and said ‘let’s give a break to lenolidamide’
Saw my previous prescription and said ‘Stop calcium supplement,  stop antiviral tablet’.
He added folic acid 5mg to be taken everyday.
Told me to come back after a month along with the reports. As he was writing I suggested we do a Vitamin D test, which he agreed and included in the tests to be done after 30 days.
I came home and after relaxing a bit looked up on the influence of folic acid and see that it has a beneficial effect on anaemia.
I will be continuing to take Circumin ,  ashwagandha,  garlic oil and other immunity boosting tablets along with folic acid , iron supplement  and B12 .

For the first time in 4 years I am taking a break from the chemo tablets.
I was using Thalix 50mg for the last 3 years and lenolidamide for the last one year.

It does feel good to be off these drugs.
I am expecting a few changes because of stopping lenolidamide.
Will write as and when when I notice any changes.

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