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Anemia, Hb and Ferritin levels


Post my Autologous Stem Cell Transplant for Multiple Myeloma in 2012, i had been continuously taking iron supplements in the form of a tonic.

I would have consumed several gallons of the dark liquid in the last 3 and half years. In spite of this my Hb count never increased beyond 10.5 during all these years.

All the while i was suspecting that the culprits are the chemo drugs that i was taking , namely Thalix 100mg and Lenalidomide 5mg. That these drugs are killing my Red Blood Cells along with other cells. I was simply glad that the count was not too bad after all and didn’t bother too much about it. However  I did express my concern to my oncologist a couple of times  and he said i can continue with the iron supplement and also suggested i should take CRESP injections. One injection every two weeks.

My energy levels haven’t been good in the last few months and dropped to 10.2 . A few days ago i mentioned the same to my ayurvedic doctor too and he advised me to get ‘Iron studies’ done. When i asked him if it is the same as a test for Hb , he said that the test is about ‘iron binding capacity’ and ‘Ferritin levels’ .

I went for the test a few days ago.It is a blood test.

The results showed that my Ferritin levels are above the normal range. It is around 266 ng/mL . Whereas the normal range is between 12-150 ng/mL for females. A value greater than 1,000 ng/mL is dangerous.

I scanned the report and mailed it to my ayurvedic doctor.

When i spoke to him he said that my  low Hb levels are due to the chronic inflammation in my body . He said he would send me another set of ayurvedic  medications which will reduce my inflammation and then my Hb levels would automatically improve. I am continuing to take Curcumin and am currently at 3 gms per day.

I am yet to receive the new medication.

Meanwhile i did a little research on the net regarding ‘Ferritin’ and learnt that the level indicates the quantum of ‘iron stores’ in the body. My result indicates a large amount of iron reserves in my body which is not getting absorbed and not getting converted into red blood cells.

Higher levels of iron stores are not good for the body and can lead to other complications like liver/heart failure. I have now stopped taking iron supplements as per my ayurvedic doctors advise.

It is not advisable to take iron supplements in excess. Check your Ferritin levels too and determine the actual reason for your consistently low Hb levels.

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