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Test for Vitamin D deficiency – Self referral

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While I was celebrating the results of my latest reports (M Spike : not seen and Plasma cells < 1%) , I was beginning to suffer with back pain in the last one month. Having a sedentary job is making it worse. I am unable to sit nor stand for a long time.

I leave home at 7.30 am for work and reach home by 5.30 in the evening.

All the while ie for the last 3.5 yrs , since my diagnosis , I have been taking Calcium supplements and currently my counts are perfect. I was beginning to wonder why I am experiencing the pain .  Higher count of plasma cells definitely cause pain in the limbs and in the spinal cord but i know this is not the reason for my pain now.

I was anyway due for a regular checkup and 4 days back I went to the lab to give blood samples for CBP, LFT and RFT when the thought of Vitamin D test came up all of a sudden. I got this test included and it was a ‘self referral’. All the reading about Vitamin D in the past triggered this idea. I would be showing this report too to my physician in case the result was abnormal.

The result was alarming. My score is 5 ng/mL where as it should be anywhere between 20 ng/mL to 30 ng/mL.
Met my physician couple of days back.I also had pain on the right side below the abdomen. After a physical examination and checking my CBP,RFT,LFT and Vit D reports , my physician concluded that the pain could be because of Vitamin D deficiency as there was no inflammation of the liver. She said we can plan an ultrasound if the pain persists.. She prescribed a 60k IU  tab , one per week for 12 weeks and 1 tab every 3 months later on. She also recommended 2 cups of milk per day and also fish twice a week.

The best way to increase Vit D in the body naturally, is to expose the skin to the sun rays during sunrise or sunset for at least 15 minutes. Unfortunatey , at home, we don’t get to see the sunrise or sunset as other buildings and trees block the view. Vitamin D is manufactured by our skin and helps in calcium being absorbed in the body. Low calcium levels cause pain in the skeletal system.

I used to spend about 10-15 mins in the sun everyday, as soon as I reached office , around 8 am, before the rest of the staff arrived.
We get plenty of sunshine at the workplace. I would listen to ‘Aditya hridayam’ during this period. I stopped following this ritual for the last 5 months. The reason being increased severity of Neuropathy due to Lenolidamide . My Oncologist had put me on Lenolidamide since Dec 2014. I was unable to bear the heat of the sun and started avoiding and slowly forgot about it.

Its been 2 days since I popped in my first Vit D chewable tablet. I already feel better  😉 or am I imagining.

Here are some reasons why Vit D deficiency has become an epidemic

Research has proved that Vitamin D is essential to prevent most cancers , osteoporosis , heart diseases and diabetes.

Symptoms and diseases of Vit D deficiency : (image courtesy


The solution is quite simple (image source


The simplest way is to expose the skin to Sun rays for 15 mins everyday. The time
required varies and depends on the time of the day , intensity of the sun , the season , the amount of skin that is exposed , the colour of the skin etc

Here is a wonderful article on these aspects and much more.

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