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Feeling inspired by a ‘Yoddha’.

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Met Mani , a Yoddha (‘Yoddha’ means ‘a warrior’ , in this case , a warrior fighting against Cancer ) on a whatsapp group comprising of ‘Yoddhas’ . This group was created by Mr Rahul the founder of
I was sharing my good news with other Yoddhas and mentioned that I am yet to start consuming Curcumin when i saw a message from a person named Mani (name changed) who said that I can get Curcumin from an ayurvedic doctor in Mumbai.
She gave me Dr Nitin’s emailid and phone number.
But before I talked to Dr Nitin I wanted to talk to Mani and know more about her condition.
Called her and heard the voice of a very strong and bold woman who lives in Delhi.
Her story is very inspiring and I was spellbound listening to all that she went through in the last 15yrs.

Mani had an Autologous stem cell Transplant in 2001 and a partial Allogenic stem cell transplant in 2003 (Bone marrow from a donor ,her brother). She had to undergo several minor surgeries because she had lesions in various parts of the body. She later came across Dr Nipun and started using the ayurvedic medication prescribed by him.
Her condition started improving and for the last few years she hasn’t been taking any medication.
I was stunned and simultaneously excited listening to her success story.
Mani said I should talk to Dr Nitin and can also refer her name when i speak to him.
I sent a mail to Dr Nitin mentioning my condition and also listed out my concoction of self medication inspired by Margaret.
I received a prompt reply from him , suggesting I add ‘Punarnava’ to my list and also wanted me to give him feedback after a month.
Thanks Rahul , for creating the group ‘Yoddhas’

I have ordered Curcumin from and eagerly waiting for the parcel 🙂

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