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Stir fried Brussels sprouts

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One of my favorite pastime is watching Food channels on TV and YouTube.
I was always fascinated and curious about Brussels sprouts which look like mini cabbages and were used in some of the recipes

Brussels sprouts are not yet commercially grown in India. Most Indians wouldn’t have heard or seen them.

I always had a desire to prepare and eat stir fried Brussels sprouts and learnt recipes from YouTube. However, these were not available, to be bought,  in the vicinity.

While shopping on (online grocery store) , I was surprised to see Brussels sprouts listed in the ‘Fruits and vegetables’ section. I immediately added this to the shopping cart.
Rest of the day was spent watching the recipes again on YouTube and eagerly looking forward to the delivery truck which was scheduled to deliver between 7.30 pm to 9 pm slot. The mini truck arrived at 9.30 pm. I was so excited to see them , feel them, smell them , wash them , cut them (halves) , stir fry them and eat them. I was very hungry and this would be part of dinner.

Recipe : I first boiled the cut n washed Brussels sprouts in salt water for 2 minutes. Strained the water , took them out and then tossed them in olive oil for 5 minutes till they started caramelizing. Sprinkled salt and pepper. Added 3 cloves (chopped) at the end and tossed for another minute before switching off the stove. Added a few drops of lemon.


I didn’t expect them to taste so good. Feeling very happy with the achievement 🙂


Brussels sprouts are storehouses of nutrition. Here is a good article .

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