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Visit to ‘Aahaar Kuteer’ , Begumpet – Menu with Millets

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A lot of people the world over are unaware of ‘Millets’ , the healthiest grains on the planet. Several grains are grouped together and called ‘Millets’. Pearl millets, finger millets, foxtail millets are some types of millets.

Millets are alkaline , gluten free, high in fiber, have low glycemic index , full of nutrients and proteins.

This place ‘Aahaar Kuteer’ is a small restaurant that serves only millet based foods. Visited this place on Sunday afternoon along with my sister. Ragi idli, Ragi Dosa, Ragi sangati, Jonna Rotis , Korralu kheer are some of the items on the menu.
They also have these millets for sale.

The ambience is very traditional and done in South Indian style.


Check out and their page on Facebook too.

Most Indians eat foods prepared with wheat or white rice (polished) for breakfast/lunch/dinner which are acidic.

It is high time people wake up to the benefits of millets and incorporate these into their daily diet.

Several recipes are available on various websites.

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