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Cleanse your body and mind daily by –

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Found this useful information on the Internet

Cleanse your body and mind daily by
• Avoid low energy substances and people
• Eat, live and buy Whole Plant Based Superfood
• Drink plenty of pure Water and breathe Oxygen daily.
• Never become dehydrated
• Express feelings through writing, dance, art, music, and poetry
• Life changes when you do
• Surround yourself with those who inspire and support you
• Follow your Heart and not your head
• Allow yourself to receive
• Reduce or eliminate your exposure to T.V.
• Stop reading the newspaper
• You can’t look forward if you’re looking back
• Align first then take action
• Extend acts of kindness without needing thanks
• Find ways to keep on clearing emotions
• Be grateful for what you already have (Gratitude)
• Avoid being too nice
• Express anger appropriately
• Allow yourself to make mistakes and forgive yourself often
• Set goals and keep a journal

Say NO often and most importantly


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