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Are you Stressed out ?

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How to recognize and beat Stress. Stress is an invisible monster that stealthily eats us from the inside of our bodies. The result is Disease. Stress is caused when there is a large gap between ‘what we wish to do’ and ‘what we are actually able to accomplish’ or ‘capacity to accomplish the task’ . There may be several reasons for not being able to accomplish but this gap ultimately leads to Stress coz this leads to frustration. Usually we don’t realize we are under stress and wouldn’t like to admit that we are under stress. But , is there a way to detect and prove that we are under stress ? yes , there is a way.
Observe your breath.
Is it faster than normal ?
8 to 16 breaths per minute is normal in a healthy adult. Fast breathing is abnormal.

Is it shallow or deep ?
Our lungs start below the collar bone and end just below the ribs. Divide it into 3 parts horizontally. Observe your breath. Does the air that goes in stop near the collar bone ? Does it stop near the chest region or does it reach till the end of the ribs ? Each time you breath in , if the air doesn’t fill the lungs completely then we are in big trouble. This is a sure sign of stress , assuming there is no other problem related to lungs.

There is a direct connection between Breath and Stress. Stress leads to shallow breathing. So to reduce stress all that one has to do is to stay calm , close the eyes and take deep and slow breaths for 10-15 mins. You will feel much better and the congestion in the chest would be relieved.  Deep breathing will also declutter your mind and hence there is more clarity in your thoughts. Oxygen levels in the body increase thereby we feel more energetic.Oxygen levels in the body is very crucial for all the organs to function well. Make a conscious attempt to observe your breath often and make corrections by taking deep breaths frequently during the day. It is our responsibility to recognise and root out stress and we should make all efforts to help our body to heal .

Few tips to reduce stress and live a healthier longer life :
Tell your mind to be Contented.
Do what you can actually accomplish.
Learn to say NO.
Share your feelings with others , be it family or friends.
Be grateful and feel blessed.

Happy Loong Breathing !

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