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‘Brahma Kamalam’ in Hyderabad .

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Very often we miss out on simple pleasures in life.

One of them is to watch a flower unfurl. For a few hours my body , mind and soul were ONE.
This doesn’t happen often isn’t it 🙂

This event took place last evening ,on Mom’s terrace garden , 2 Aug 2014

Eyes focused on the flower, clicking from various angles to get the best shot. Clicking away so as to capture various stages of the flower unfurling.

2014-08-01 22.58.33
Time stood still and the only important movement that mattered was the flower unfurling.

Lot of excitement and noise being made by all my near and dear ones who were watching the phenomena. In spite of all the excitement there was a sense of peace and tranquility within .

2014-08-01 22.57.05

This flower ‘Brahma Kamalam’ is being touted as a divine flower and is being worshipped across the country as it supposedly brings luck and wishes are fulfilled. Native of the mighty Himalayas , it is now being grown in the plains too.
This plant may or may not be the original ‘Brahma kamalam’ but this one is truly beautiful and ethereal . The plant itself is unique. New stems and flowers grow from the nodes of the leaf. The plant flowers in and around July only. The bud starts opening up at around 7 pm and closes sometime after midnight. It was like a dance in slow motion.
The divine angle gave a new dimension to the whole event.

Thank you Mom for this beautiful experience.

I would call this Flower Meditation !

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