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Most firms have a 6 day week and employees work at least 10 hrs each day.Add a couple of hours for travelling to and fro from home to work and 12 hrs a day is gone. Who wouldn’t want a 5 day week or fewer working hours per day wherein one gets to spend more time with family , can pursue hobbies and have a healthier wholesome happier stressfree life. This would also lead to a happier, progressive nation too.
Is it possible or impossible to ??
There is unemployment everywhere and those who are employed are slogging away all their lives.
Why can’t there be two shifts by employing more people ? The current stipulated work hours as per labour laws is 8 hours. This can be reduced to 6 hours and the offices/factories can be run in two shifts. By increasing working hours from 8 to 12 per day, by having a shift system of 6 hrs each, an employee can work much more efficiently and the organization can produce more goods. More output implies more money is available to pay salaries to the employees. Never mind even if the pay is slightly reduced per employee. End of the day what is required is to be able to sleep peacefully , stay healthy and wake up fresh and bright the next morning .

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